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COCO & LU Design takes the guesswork out of making a space beautiful.  We enjoy collaborating with our clients and work within their budget, no matter the size.

Nice to Meet you

A free phone consultation is our first step. We explore the scope, design goals, aspirations, how you envision your space and budget. Don’t really know what you’re looking for? We are here to assist and get you started. We are here with you every step of the way.



now the fun begins

We begin by developing a design and concept presentation individual to your needs. We research and source furnishings, lighting, accessories and anything else you should need to bring your space to life.

Every item we present to you are available for real time purchase. We understand that most clients do not have the time to wait 6 months to a year for a couch, so we utilize retailers with a short shipping time for most items. Once furnishings have been approved we oversee purchasing and shipping. We will also develop a preliminary floor plan to help you visualize how your space will be reimagined, using new pieces and integrating items you may already have.

let's bring it to life

Our goal is to make the process streamlined and to keep pricing down. For bigger items, we ship directly to your home and will set a date to come for room set up and styling. In the essence of keeping costs to a minimum, we do not utilize storage or warehouses to store furnishing. We will also reach out to contractors or can work closely with those you may already have a relationship with for projects like light installation, furnishing building, wallpaper application, etc.

Once your project is done we hope you enjoy it for years to come!

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