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COCO & LU Design is a residential and commercial interior decorating and styling company based in New York City. We focus on helping our clients find their style, no matter the budget. We source furnishings, lighting, accessories, color schemes, window treatments, paints, etc. to turn your space into a captivating reflection of your dream interior. 


We don’t knock down walls or renovate, we take preexisting spaces and give them glow ups, makeovers and the design edge without the hefty price tag.


At COCO & LU Design we believe a beautiful space should be fun, aspirational yet affordable. We love mass retailers and do not work with trade only showrooms or warehouses. We source furnishings from accessible names to help keep budgets down and on track. 


Trust and transparency is essential to us. We do not have hidden design fees or charge markup costs on products sold to you.  We are a step back from the norm and believe that good design should be for all.





Founder Jennifer Morrison began COCO & LU Design from a passion to bring affordable, budget friendly designs to clients. "Everyone's home should be a source of joy. You shouldn't have to be filthy rich to be able to live in a beautiful space."


As a fashion industry veteran, it was a natural transition for Morrison to move into the interior decorating and styling domain. Years of styling celebrities set the foundation for her keen eye for all things design related.


Morrison prides herself on seeing the potential of any space. Her timeless, but on trend ideas and designs bring an elevated tone to residential and commercial spaces.

Her favorite part of owning COCO & LU Design? "I really enjoy working with my clients and bringing their vision to life. It excites me when they start to fall back in love with their home."


Morrison lives in Brooklyn with her husband, three children and their (out of control) mini aussie.




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